Wrinkles Removed Without Major Surgery

At Basket Case our reputation for quality ironing is unsurpassed, Why you ask ? Because you tell us precisely how you want your ironing done. Our girls will do it because they just love ironing. Hard to Believe but it's true. 
Clothes are returned to you Wrinkle free, Hung and Pressed the way you want, and smelling fresh from our smoke free workplace.
The Basket Case Ironing Service provides an efficient, convenient, friendly service that takes your Ironing off site and returns it professionally pressed and packaged, To have you looking sharp every time you get dressed. 
The Basket Case Pick-up and Delivery Service can be used on a regular Weekly or Fortnightly service being incorporated into your routine,    or as needed for Overload, or even I hate Ironing days. We can be contacted 24hrs a day.
We are committed to building relationships.
If there is something extra that you would like then simply Call Us Now.


Basket Case Laundrette 549 Great North Rd Abbotsford (02) 9716 9666